About us

About us

Built in 2008, YAPIM ELEKTRIK offers modern LED lighting solutions under the brand LEDZON.

We are proud to present our clients with high quality, eco-friendly, efficient and, competitively priced products.

Our company had been offering LED lighting solutions through imported products since 2011. Since the year 2015, we have focused ourselves on interior lighting and started designing and manufacturing our own products. We have significantly decreased the use of imported goods by using local products save for a limited number of essential parts.

We have started exporting our own products in the year 2019 and have gotten extremely positive feedback on product design, technical competency and delivery times from our clients. In our manufacturing process, our mission to produce high quality products for competitive prices is always a priority.

Thanks to our wide variety of clientele, we've had opportunities to work and offer services in fields such as retail, construction, hospitality, offices, logistics, transportation, education and industrial work. With our network of strong partners broadening every day we will continue to improve our pipeline, products and services to exceed the demands of the times and subsequently continue to be the "Optimal Light Source"